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Praxis Resilient Buildings, engineering for healthy, comfortable buildings

Praxis Resilient Buildings is an engineering and consultancy practice, based in Barcelona, Spain. We help create healthy, high-performance, comfortable buildings with excellent air quality and near-zero energy consumption that continue to perform under extreme climate conditions

Our goal is to help create healthy, high-performance, comfortable buildings with near-zero energy consumption. We help our clients achieve radical reductions in carbon emissions using renewable, healthy materials and efficient heating, cooling, hot water and ventilation systems.

What do we do?

Oliver Style from Praxis, Passivhaus Certifier, with over 10 years of experience applying the standard to warm climates.

Passive House Certifier
Consultoría energética

Energy consultancy

design and optimisation to create comfortable, sustainable, healthy and energy efficient buildings.



A high-performance building standard that strives for maximum comfort and indoor air quality with near-zero energy consumption and emissions.



A certification standard focused on occupant health, comfort, and well-being.

Blower Door

Blower Door

On-site airtightness testing to measure the air permeability of a building.

Ingeniería de instalaciones

M & E renewable energy systems

Design & specification of heating, cooling, hot water, ventilation, and renewable energy systems.

I + D + i & Desarrollo de producto

R & D

Product development: applied innovation for the development of high-performance components and systems for the construction sector.



DHW + PV: solar PV top-up for domestic hot water

DHW + PV: all-electric hot water heating for Passive houses, with surplus solar PV top-up Energy consumption from DHW use is often higher than heating and cooling requirements in a residential Passivhaus. This is mainly due to…

Healthy home: materials and indoor air quality

The U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates that the air in our homes is 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. After spending so much time at home during successive…

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