Blower Door in Viladecans

Praxis cabecera proyecto

Blower Door

Blower Door in Viladecans


Blower Door airtightness test to the EN 13829 (A/B) standard for the verification of whole building airtightness, as part of the deep energy retrofit of a single-family terraced home in Viladecans, Barcelona. 

The house is in the process of Passivhaus EnerPHit certification and has been designed by Daniel Tigges of Tigges Architekt.

Two tests were carried out: during construction and following completion. For the preliminary test, leaks were detected with a handheld smoke generator and anemometer.

The final result of N50=0.55/h, is well below the minimum requirements of the Spanish building regulations CTE DB HE-1 2019 and almost 50% lower the minimum requirements of the Passivhaus EnerPHit standard (where the limiting value for existing buildings is N50 ≤ 1/h).

Year: 2021

Location: Viladecans, Barcelona

Services: Blower Door

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