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Design and optimisation to create comfortable, sustainable, healthy and energy efficient buildings

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We are experts in building energy efficiency with a focus on warm climates and design strategies for extreme weather conditions.

Our specialised design services can be tailored to meet a range of project briefs, with seamless integration into the project team. We can work both design stage and on-site, to ensure cost-optimum solutions and real-life performance.


  • Thermal envelope design and building physics to minimise embodied and operational energy use in buildings, with a focus on renewable and bio-based materials.
  • Thermodynamic simulation of passive and HVAC systems
  • Analysis and specification of materials to reduce indoor air emissions and improve occupant health
  • Deep-energy retrofitting of existing buildings through a holistic design methodology
  • Assessment of the risk of moisture damage in building structures
  • Design and specification of efficient heating, cooling and hot water systems powered from renewable sources
  • Design and specification of efficient mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery, to ensure optimum air quality with minimal heat loss
  • Design and specification of photovoltaic renewable energy systems
  • On-site supervision and control to ensure what is designed, is built
  • Airtight layer and hygrothermal design for vapour control in building enclosures, with Blower Door testing to measure the air permeability of a building

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