Passivhaus Consulting

A tailor-made consultancy service for delivering high-performance buildings

Consultoría energética

Our Passivhaus consulting services are tailor-made for architects, designers, contractors and developers who are looking for personalized technical support and Passivhaus design services for high-performance projects that meet the Passivhaus standard.

At Praxis we are experts in Passivhaus design and construction for warm climates, with a proven track record of more than 12 years of experience, from new-build to retrofit, from homes, to offices, to large and complex buildings, such as elderly people’s residences and high performance sports centers.

A tailor-made consultancy service for delivering high-performance buildings

If you need help with PHPP calculations, airtight layer design, or ventilation system specification, our Passivhaus team will get your project where it needs to be.

We’re specialised in Passivhaus design for warm climates, using renewable and low-carbon materials for optimal energy efficiency, with the goal of creating healthy and environmentally friendly spaces.

Through our solid technical expertise we can carry out PHPP simulations, thermal bridge calculations, and Blower Door tests, while providing advice on HVAC systems or ventilation system commissioning. We can integrate seamlessly into design teams to bring any project up to Passivhaus standard, for both new-build and retrofit.

Passivhaus Consulting at Praxis Barcelona

Specialized consultancy at any stage of the project

As Certified Passivhaus Consultants, we can help you at any stage in your project: from a preliminary review of the bioclimatic design, to detailed design, through to analysis of HVAC systems and site supervision.

We are Blower Door air tightness testers, with many years of experience in air permeability measurements and air leak detection. Meeting the blower door test requirements is one of the great challenges of Passivhaus certification. We also have expertise in hygrothermal condensation analysis of building elements and thermo-dynamic simulation of overheating risk, so if either of these are a concern for your project, we can help you out. You will have at your disposal, our range of tools and experience to help make your Passivhaus project a reality:

Enjoy the benefits of the Passivhaus standard

The Passivhaus standard is advantageous for both the developer, the building owner and for the design and construction teams. These are some of the advantages of certification:

Energy savings

Passivhaus buildings are designed to consume minimal heating and cooling energy. The implementation of Passivhaus principles delivers highly efficient living spaces that generate energy cost savings of up to 90% compared with conventional buildings, making them largely immune to energy price hikes.

Hermeticidad y Diseño Higrotérmico en Edificios Passivhaus

Health & comfort

Passivhaus buildings have excellent indoor air quality. The continuous supply of fresh, filtered air ensures a healthy indoor environment, reducing allergens and excessive humidity. The high level of insulation and airtightness eliminates drafts and cold spots, creating a comfortable habitat. 

M u0026 E renewable energy systems

Added value

Passivhaus certification will increase the long-term value of the building and improve resilience in the face of extreme weather events. Passivhaus certification is a symbol of quality and innovation that puts your constructed assets in an excellent position in the market.

Our Passivhaus consulting projects

At Praxis Resilient Buildings we help create efficient and comfortable buildings with excellent air quality and minimal energy consumption. We are glad to show you some of Passivhaus consulting work:

Contact us for a Passivhaus consulting fee proposal

If you want to design a building that meets the Passivhaus standard, and need help with the energy simulations or site supervision, contact us. We’ll have a look through your project and send you a personalized fee proposal.