Passivhaus window frame ROI ELIT 93.2

Praxis cabecera proyecto

R & D

Passivhaus window frame ROI ELIT 93.2


Passivhaus component certification of the ROI ELIT 93.2 timber window frames, by Grup-35.

CálCalculation and optimisation of the thermal transmittance, Uf, of the frames according to the EN-ISO 10077 1 and UNE-EN-ISO 10077 2 standards, using the finite element simulation program Dartwin Frame Simulator Pro.Through our work, we were able to improve the thermal performance of the frames. We steered the client through the certification process with the Passivhaus Institut, and in under two months, successfully achieved phB class certification for warm-temperate climates.

Year: 2021

Location: Glomès, Lleida

Services: Passivhaus component certification

  • Category: R&D

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