Learnlife Eco Hub: Passivhaus learning space

Passivhaus design & consultancy for a pop-up learning hub in Castelldefels, Barcelona, designed by the Learnlife team.

Learnlife Eco Hub: pop-up learning space

Passivhaus, M & E engineering, Blower Door

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Passivhaus consultancy for the Eco Hub, a pop-up learning hub in Castelldefels, Barcelona, designed by the Learnlife team, whose philosophy is to provide spaces that offer “a better way of learning, backed by science and research, that is learner-centred and focuses on self-determined, purpose-inspired and personal learning”.

Winner of the Green Solutions Awards 2022-2023 of Construction 21 Spain in the Low-tech Category, the Eco Hub consists of two prefabricated timber modules built by Tall Fusta and made from healthy and low environmental impact materials. Windows are made by Elke Wood Windows, with meranti frames and low-e argon filled double glazing. Each module is equipped with a Passivhaus certified Zehnder mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery, for optimum air quality.

Praxis has delivered the PHPP modelling, design of the thermal envelope and airtight layer, advice on low-impact materials, and analysis and optimisation of thermal bridges and construction detail, together with the design of the M & E systems: mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, space heating and cooling, hot water production, and solar PV.  Praxis has also undertaken the Blower Door testing and on-site Passivhaus supervision and quality control.

Photos by Jordi Vila Marta – Argotphoto

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Year: 2021

Location: Castelldefels, Barcelona

Passivhaus Consultancy, Blower Door Tests, Site supervision, MVHR design and specification, heating and cooling system design and specification